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Hi everybody! Looks like a long time since anybody posted here...

However, I have just bought an autoharp (OS-21c) !

It's quite hard to find guides on the internet. Could you please advice some good links?

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I have an elderly uncle who has been playing acoustic guitar all his life. His love is country music, and he has a particular affinity for the Carter Family, so he is familiar with the autoharp. He's always loved the sound and has been intrigued by the instrument. In the past three years, his hands have started to give him trouble, and this has made the fingering on his guitar really difficult. I recently suggested to him that he try an autoharp, since he could still play rhythm without having to press strings with fingers that no longer respond the way they used to. He LOVED that idea! Since then, I've been doing a lot of research, trying to learn about the instrument, and at his request, I've gotten him on (snail) mailing lists for music catalogs that deal in autoharps so he can look at them and get an idea of what he might like. Once he decides what he likes, he'll probably invest in one for himself. In the meantime, I've started to think I might like one for myself, but I can't really afford the $150 and up investment for a new one. I've been looking for a really inexpensive used one or even a "giveaway" that might be collecting dust in someone's closet. I'd like to be able to "jam" with my uncle when I go visit with him at Christmas. I think that'd be really awesome!

Does anyone on this list have any suggestions? I'm already looking at eBay, and someone on Freecycle.org (another place I've been looking) suggested the online Goodwill auctions, so I'm looking there, too. Is there an autoharp-specific resource for cheap, decent used 'harps for newbies who can't afford much of an investment but want to give this a try?
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Does anyone know of a good place to buy replacement strings? I went to tune up this morning, and my first C snapped.


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